FamCoin Ecosystem

  • Famcoin Wallet

    -Direct swap features
    -P2P peer to peer live transactions

  • Famcoin NFT

    Exchange, Transfer and Store different NFT`s

  • Famcoin Finance

    -DEX with an outstanding items
    -Crypto loan
    -Liquidity pools

  • FamcoinVerse

    -Purchasing of game items with famcoin token
    -Players networking and record statistics to all users
    -NFT production

  • Staking

    Earn Rewards

FamCoin Tokenomics

The following token utilization is to demonstrate how we are preparing for a long term:

Key Metrics

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  • Blockchain: 


  • Contract: 

Key Metrics


Sales Rounds

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Date Round Token Allocation Token Price ($)
February 2022 Private sale 5% 0.00013
April 2022 Pre-sale 10% 0.00018
June 2022 Public sale 2% 0.00025

Funds usage

Funds usageFunds usage